Vote Dettmar
Saucon Valley School Board

Saucon Valley faces difficult times ahead because of forecast budget deficits as far as the eye can see and possible changes in how schools are funded. Racial tensions have brought us into the headlines in a very negative way. We have also seen deterioration of test scores in our elementary school, which could cascade to higher grades as these students advance. As we face these problems we need to always be thinking about how we can move forward without "throwing money at the problem." Cedric Dettmar plans to bring his extensive business experience, financially conservative thinking and concern as a parent to bear on managing through the challenges ahead.

Primary Importance

Vote in the primary! It may be your only chance to choose your school board.

The primary election in May is far more important than most people realize. School board candidates are allowed to run in both the Democratic and Republican parties. This is good because it reduces the likelihood that politically extreme candidates will win. It also means that if a candidate wins in both the Democratic and Republican primary elections, that candidate will be virtually unchallenged in the November election.

Register to Vote by Apr 17

The deadline to register for the primary election is April 17. You must register as either a Democrat or Republican to vote in the primary election. If you prefer being an independent or belonging to another party, you can change your registration right after the election.