Cedric grew up in a small town in Colorado and went to college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After graduating he spent two decades working in California for Silicon Valley high-tech companies, earning an MBA from UCLA along the way. Cedric served as a Vice President at Oracle Corporation for many of those years and was responsible for 100 employees in a $25 million business unit. After living in Colorado for over a decade, Cedric and his wife Kathleen relocated their family to Saucon Valley to be closer to Kathleen's extended family. Currently he works in a small business helping other small businesses use the internet to increase efficiency and grow.

Seven years ago Cedric arrived in Saucon Valley with Kathleen, their daughters Rebecca and Amanda, and his mom Ludy. Cedric and Kathleen, both public school attendees, are commited to the Saucon Valley School District, where their daughters attend Middle School. Both are strongly motivated to invest time and energy in Saucon Valley by getting involved in our schools.

Cedric has attended nearly every School Board meeting for the last seven years and knows the issues facing our District.  He speaks regularly at Board meetings about taxes, spending and education.

For six years Cedric has served on the Saucon Valley Foundation for Educational Innovation. As a Board member, he took a leadership role in the construction of the District's Environmental Education Center, an outdoor classroom for all District students. He raised tens of thousands of dollars from corporate donors to support our students through the Foundation.

Cedric has worked directly with administrators, teachers and students. As a parent participant, he worked on the initiative that brought iPads to our Middle and High Schools. He participated in the Project Lead-the-Way Community Outreach group to expose our Saucon engineering students to real-world engineering around the Lehigh Valley. In 2013 he received the Friend of Education award from the teachers. Three years ago he helped start and now leads the Middle School Math Club. Cedric meets with twenty five "Mathletes" over twenty times a year to teach them math and prepare them for the MathCounts competition among 25 schools around the Lehigh Valley.

This experience around the school system has given Cedric great respect for all the people who work here and the board members who devote many hours each month as volunteers. He has met many families from across the income spectrum and especially respects those that stretch their finances to the limit so their children can attend Saucon Valley schools. He also knows that many long-time residents struggle to stay in their homes in our high-priced school district. Balancing the tax burden on our community with adequate resources for our schools is one of the most important actions the board takes. Cedric will remember our hard-working families and senior citizens when any tax increases come before the board.

Cedric wants to serve on the school board to take his contribution to our community to the next level. His experience in our community and background in business are particularly well suited for serving on a school board. Key contributions of a board member are to hire an outstanding superintendent when the need arises, make trade-offs between important goals and make smart decisions to avoid waste. These are skills he honed in his years as a business leader. Cedric is not afraid to speak his mind but tries to keep good relations with the people he deals with.

If elected, Cedric will use his management savvy, common sense and familiarity with the problems facing Saucon Valley School District to help guide the District through the challenging times ahead.